Sunday, August 1, 2010

Milonga pet peeves-don't, please just don't

Last night, the biggest milonga in the city was more crowded than usual, with a bunch of people from out of town. This is usually fine, but yesterday I wanted to get in a fight, or share a few nasty words at least, with multiple people. Namely, the following:

-Leaders dancing with their eyes closed. Are you kidding me??? Not only does said leader look absolutely ridiculous, but he also is a hazard to himself, his partner, and everybody around. I'm all for feeling the moment and the music, but that doesn't mean you close your eyes.
-Performers: People who think they're performing on a crowded dance floor, doing lengthy sequences with long steps requiring much more space than available, and doing them anyway regardless of the couple in front and behind. This also applies to followers who do big, showy adornos regardless of space. Some of them unled..... my 'favorite': unled high boleos as an adorno. Don't do it.
-'Drivers'. Just because the line of dance is figuratively referred to as a lane doesn't mean you're driving on it... In other words, slow the hell down. Your point of reference in terms of speed is the couple in front, not a speedometer. Do not pass, goddammit! And even worse, don't keep switching lanes! If you're going to be performing, do it in the middle of the dance floor where you'll be ridiculed... and stay there, don't cut in front of me, you stupid motherfucker.
-People who don't respect the dancers' right of way. Continuing the traffic analogy, there is no question that the dancers have the right of way on the dance floor. It should be a no-brainer, yet people continue to ignore this, and think it's more important that they get to the bar as soon as possible to get their drink or outside to have a smoke to the point that they pop in front of dancers or just push them. WTF? It also includes people gathering in front of the fan, occupying a significant area that would otherwise be dance space. Thanks for ventilating your sweat and germs to everyone, guys.
-Pissers: a few times, I've gone to the milonga restroom and come out traumatized. People taking care of their needs... then not washing their hands.......... come on, guys, WTF??????
-Gossipers: it's called private life because it's meant to be private. Please mind your own business.

You can be a very nice person off the dance floor. In fact, you could have achieved world peace, cured cancer, ended poverty and hunger worldwide. But if you do any of the above, in my eyes you're Hitler.
The above list is just off the top of my head. There are more. Feel free to suggest other kinds of milongassholes.

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