Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Ella Es Así" and a small comment

I'm stealing Alex's idea (opens in new window), with my favorite milonga: Here are 9 interpretations of "Ella Es Así" by Edgardo Donato.

My personal favorite is Ariadna & Fernando's. What's yours?


  1. Hola! Happy to have you borrow my concept of looking at different couples dancing to the same song...I did it a while back to Canaro's "Poema" as "Musicality Resurrected Redux" post...12 couples...

    For me, it's always been a good exercise in least from a visual standpoint...

  2. I watched them all, and it's now safe to say that it's going to be at least a few days till I get listen to Ella es así without nauseating.
    Some notes:
    -All of the performances are good, but my least favorite one is Alejandro and Marisol...
    -What's with the Dispari performance's recording? it's on a different key and slower... maybe it's an old ass vinyl played with a very old record player?
    -I have no idea whether or not I like Florencia Labiano and her partner's performance. Who is she? I barely paid attention to the dance because I was busy ogling her all along. She's hot!
    -I would like Flaco Dany's performances a lot more if he didn't do his thing where he lets go of the follower and makes her go around... wtf?
    -I like Aoniken's dances not only because he has good musicality, but because of the jumping around and running around... hilarious! I have to wonder what the hell he eats to keep his figure while he dances so energetically.
    -Overall, my favorite has got to be Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa's performance

  3. This is cool! I just found this blog (very nice reads btw) and to my surprise I saw this post with the video of Aoniken & Vanessa in Amsterdam which I saw live! Small world...

    Anyway, I've always liked this video of "The Disparis": . It also features the "slower" version which I might prefer, I always like to dance as relaxed and "cool" as possible to the slower milonga's.