Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome to Milonga Para Tres, uncensored, unlimited

This came up as an idea between two tango friends (though 'tango friend', meaning friend from tango, is more and more becoming a redundant expression for me) and I a few months ago about the need of voicing our opinions about local, nationwide, and maybe international tango communities, as well as sharing thoughts about the dance and the music. As is normal with people, drama follows the community, and as seen in various prominent communities, maybe there's a need for an uncensored perspective that we intend to provide here, covered by our anonymity.

Right now I'm a little sleep deprived from the milonga last night (which, by the way, sucked! But more on that later), so I'll try to take a little nap and share some thoughts.


-Jaimito el Zorro Gris

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