Friday, February 19, 2010

Poll: Quejas de bandoneón

This is a great song, and the most famous rendition is probably the one by Troilo. But there are many other great orchestras who have performed this piece. What is your favorite?
I'm torn between Troilo and Biagi; Troilo's for its sheer dramatic mood (lives up to its fame), and Biagi because it demonstrates why his nickname is "Manos Brujas". There is this portion at the end of the song where the piano makes my heart race... beautiful, just beautiful.
Sorry, Di Sarli and Pugliese... I love most of your music, but your version of Quejas de Bandoneón just doesn't do it for me...

Funny performance to this song:



    Same for me...Troilo, followed by Biagi as a very close second...but you gotta love Di Sarli...

    The others you mentioned suck, and Canaro, Piazzolla, and even Lalo Shifrin's nuevo version...

  2. I like the Laurenz version too, but not as much as Biagi's and Troilo's