Friday, July 9, 2010

Way to butcher one of my favorite songs

I normally am an advocate of "whatever floats your boat" as long as it respects the well being and reasonable interest of others, both on and off the dance floor. But this is just revolting......

Why???? Why???????? I won't be stating the obvious that there is no way you could ever use these kinds of movements at a milonga, unless it's a really really slow night..... but even if it's a performance, why would you do this? Whatever that is, it's plain ugly... They look like a very inelegant hybrid of half-assed splits and a few kicks here and there. And no need to get into semantics of what is tango and what is not, because that sequence on the video above is definitely not tango. From that, my biggest complaint: why would you disrespect such a beautiful, elegant song with such awful nonsense (no other word comes up to mind)? Associating "advanced revolt-cadas" with Nido Gaucho is travesty, and it makes me cringe. Di Sarli is rolling in his grave, and Podestá would probably cry.
Some people will no doubt say "oh quit living in the past, nuevo is the way forward!" I'm no one to say how tango should be danced, and I'm all for experimenting with weird things. But this is just plain disgusting, it doesn't even look pretty, no matter what your standards of beauty and elegance. People pay to learn this?????????? Really??????????


  1. In all fairness, I don't think they look that bad. Yes, I wouldn't do this kind of volcadas in a milonga (or any volcada, except maybe the Gavito-pseudovolcada), but if a lot of people want to learn volcadas, then someone will go ahead and teach them.

  2. Hi, stumbled here accidentally looking for inspiration for a Donato tanda.

    I also think it doesn't look thad bad. It's not even a dance sequence, it's a workshops demo of all the volcadas. They are obviously too big for most milongas but I can't agree that they aren't elegant - in fact they are performed quite well and I say it as a guy who hardly ever uses volcadas. In the past I wondered why people learn such stuff - do they want to become show dancers or what - but after a good nuevo-style boleo seminar I discovered that it can influence your general tango skill as this stuff is really demanding technically.

    All the best with your tango,