Monday, May 17, 2010

My favorite couple of the month: Dante Sanchez and Angelica Avalos, and what they helped me understand about my myself

As my fellow contributor Jaimito knows, in addition to having a favorite tango and vals of the month, I have a favorite couple of month. Previously this used to be a favorite man-crush of the month. I am completely straight, but there is this sort of infatuation that sometimes sweeps over me when I watch certain leaders. Mostly it's of the sort "I wish I could dance like that", but a lot of times it's "I wish I was a girl so I could dance with him". It creeps some people out, especially when I say it out loud. But hey, tango was a dance that evolved in large part by men dancing with men to improve and invent, so I'm sticking to that one. So why am I declaring a favorite couple of the month?

Well, as some of you may know, Dante Sanchez won the 2007 World Championship in the category Tango Salon, with Inés Muzzopappa (source). Now if you look them up on youtube or elsewhere, their dancing is absolutely beautiful. But, for me, there was something missing. A little pizzazz. I don't know how to describe it. I just couldn't feel a man-crush on Dante watching him dance with Inés. I committed the heresy of telling myself "He's good, but he's no Pablo Rodriguez or Fernando Sanchez". But then I saw his dancing with his current partner, Angelica Avalos, and consider me in love!

This is where I realize that what I thought were man-crushes were more of couple-crushes. Tango threesome fantasies? It was not the leader that I was infatuated with. It was more than that. It was the intense connection that I saw and felt, the beautiful joint expression of the music, the graceful movements, that raw human emotion. I now realize it's not even the couple that I'm infatuated with. It's the tango...

For your viewing pleasure: Dante y Anshi dancing to D'Arienzo's "El Cencerro" ... a breathtakingly beautiful dance. Unpretentious and flawless. Enjoy.


  1. So two questions:
    What did Dante and Angelica make you realize about yourself? That you're actually not Tango-gay, but Tango-bi?
    What's your favorite vals of the month? I remember mentioning Paisaje by Laurenz, and you didn't sound convinced with your half-hearted 'it's nice'.

  2. It's in the post,man, 2nd to last paragraph ...

    Right now, I'm digging Valsecito de Antes ...

  3. oh come on man, time to move on from Valsecito de Antes! It's been more than a month since you were 'digging it'

  4. I can see why you like it! Very clean milonguero style, I am digging it

  5. Hmm, not to get too semantic here, but does their style conform to the prevalent 'milonguero' definition? Their embrace is definitely very fluid and they open up quite a bit during turns. Can we still call it 'milonguero'?

  6. tango salón estilo Villa Urquiza ;-)
    Ils sont superbes !

    Bea Beker