Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'Tango booty'

Last Sunday, my friend made an interesting (though maybe obvious to some of you perverts) observation at a milonga... Tango girls tend to have nice butts (Milonga para tres blog is by three guys, after all). Is this a coincidence or is there a correlation? Does having a voluminous, firm, round butt help at being a good tanguera (if this is the case, I'm moving to Brazil... now) or does tango help shape up the booty? I am thinking it may have to do with the followers' technique rather than just dancing, because in the time I've been in tango, I haven't noticed any change in my ass, but then again, as narcissistic as I may be, I don't really check out my own ass (though now that I say it, that's a good idea... In fact, I'm going to go do that now as soon as I'm finished with this post). And also, us guys don't have to dance in 4+ inch heels, but I think that works the calves, not the glutes... In any case, I am not an anatomy/exercise physiology expert... so I can just admire when I sit out a tanda... (the dancing, of course) In the meanwhile, if there are any anatomists/physiologists or even biomedical engineers among our readers or contributors, it'd be great if you could share your thoughts.
I was really tempted to, but I decided not to post any pictures to illustrate my point, because I don't want to be seen as stealing anybody's images. If you want to confirm my friend's observation, just look up any of the following names on google images or youtube and enjoy the view: Mariana Montes, Geraldine Rojas, Jennifer Bratt, Noelia Hurtado, Dana Frigoli, Juana Sepulveda... there are many examples, both famous names or just in your local community.
Thank goodness for blogging anonymity...


  1. I think following does work out you butt. Yes the heels do work out your calves but you are looking in the wrong place. Check out how the good followers lean forward. When they do that they are using some of their butt muscles. I can not see my ass while I am following, but it does feel tight and firm :)

  2. You should add Mamie Sancy to that list ...


  3. Hola Booty Men,

    It is a well-known fact that Argentinean women have big beautiful booties - it has nothing to do with Tango per se. As well, high heels are known as the shoes that put women's booties on a pedestal. To your list you can add Virginia Pandolfi and Stella Misse. I am jealous.

    Just thought I'd let you in on those tidbits :)

    Loving the blog by the way.

    The female counterpart of MIM


  4. I don't think the heels change the shape, they just make it stick out more. Compare any barefoot standing nude by a Victorian painter with any Page 3 girl in heels but nothing else; they change the angle of our hips in relation to the spine. You can test it by putting your hands over the join at the base of your torso, and taking a few steps in socks, then on tiptoe. You can feel the angle change - the hips naturally want to go back. You can force it and hold them forward, and you may do so instinctively, but it's an effort (you may feel this effort in the front of your thighs, or in your shoulders going back a little).