Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Music: Rodolfo Biagi
Lyrics: Juan Carlos Thorry (what kind of name is Thorry?)
Notable performances: Juan d'Arienzo c Alberto Echague, Rodolfo Biagi c Jorge Ortiz

Yo también como todos un día
tenía dinero, amigos y hogar.
Nunca supe que había falsía,
que el mundo sabía también traicionar.

Pero cuando a mi vida tranquila
llegó la primera terrible verdad
busqué apoyo en aquellos que amaba
y crueles me dieron soledad.

Ilusión que viviendo latente
pasó entre la gente y pura siguió;
ilusión, hoy te busco y no estás,
ilusión, no te puedo encontrar.

Mi pasado sucumbe aterido
temblando en el frío
de mi vida actual... *("de mi olvido actual" in Biagi's version)
Y los años, pasando y pasando,
me están reprochando
porque no hice mal.

(Si la vida pasó por tu lado
dejando tronchado tu sino y tu fe,
la maldad que truncó tu camino
pondrá en tu destino de amores la sed.

Pero cuando, vencido y cansado,
tu pecho agobiado requiera bondad,
volverá la cabeza la gente
dando indiferente soledad.)

The lyrics portion in parentheses are not sung in d'Arienzo's or Biagi's versions.

One day, like everyone,
I also had money, friends, and a home.
I never knew there was falsehood,
that the world also knew to betray.

But when to my tranquil life
the first terrible truth arrived
I sought support from my loved ones,
and they cruelly gave me loneliness.

Illusion, latently living,
went by the people and, purely, went on;
illusion, today I seek you, and you're not there.
Illusion, I cannot find you.

My past succumbs numbly,
trembling in the cold
of my current life (*of my current oblivion, in Biagi's version)...
And the years, passing by,
reproach me, because I did no wrong.

(If life went by your side
and left your fate and faith shattered,
the evil that got in your way
will put thirst in your destiny of love.

But when, defeated and tired,
your overwhelmed chest requires good,
the head and the people will return,
giving indifferent loneliness)



    Leader, Composer, Pianist (Pisces) – sitting still in class for little Rudy was not easy; his soul was restless…his forays into the realm of day dreaming more often than not, brought him reprimand “Rudy, pay attention”…but lurking inside was a genius who would one day change the world of tango…in his brief three years with the Juan D’arienzo orchestra, his innovative beat on piano would help usher in “danceable tango” and reinvigorate tango in the forties by appealing to young people…Rodolfo Biagi was born in the neighborhood of San Telmo, Buenos Aires to struggling Italian immigrants…he caused a family crisis when at the end of grammar school, young Rodolfo insisted on leaving school; his parent reluctantly agreed but they enrolled him in the conservatory of the newspaper “La Prensa” to study piano…being strong willed and independent, at the age of thirteen, without his parents’ consent he began playing in a silent film cinema


    One evening the legendary Juan Maglio (Pacho) happened to be in the cinema and was stunned by the precocious teenager at piano; he eventually accepted him into his orchestra, he was only fifteen…a major break occurred when in 1930 Jose Razzano interceded him backstage to ask him to accompany Carlos Gardel on a series of recordings…on April 1, 1930 he found himself next to the legendary Carlos Gardel in the recording studio…soon after he worked with a number of orchestras and along the way composed his first tango “Indeferencia” with lyrics by Juan Carlos Thorry…Rodolfo was a frequent customer of the Cabaret Chantecler where the Juan D’arienzo played nightly…his pianist Lidio Fasoli was notoriously late and one evening D’arienzo could endure no more and on the spot asked Rodolfo to take over at piano: with D’arienzo he would record 71 tangos…in 1938 Biagi left to start his own orchestra which debuted on September 16, 1938 at the Cabaret Marabu…in its long run his orchestra would record some immortal hits like the waltz “Lagrimas Y Sonrisas” and the tango “Quiero Verte Una Vez Mas” with singer Jorge Ortiz


    CLICK HERE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lo8iQ2QHWc to hear one of Rodolfo Biagi’s greatest hits “Lagrimas Y Sonrisas”

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