Thursday, November 11, 2010

Danza Maligna

Music: Fernando Randle
Lyrics: Claudio Frollo

As performed by Enrique Rodriguez and Armando Moreno.
Rodriguez has never figured among my personal favourite orchestras. Sure, it's great for dancing, so I play it almost every time I'm DJing. I guess musically I long for something more intricate. These past few days, however, Danza Maligna has been stuck in my head on repeat.....

Se arrastran los compases compadrones
del tango que se encoge, que se estira...
Su música doliente pareciera
sentir que una amenaza se aproxima.
Viviremos los dos el cuarto de hora
de la danza nostálgica y maligna.
Escuchemos latir los corazones
al amparo de Venus Afrodita.

Placer de dioses, baile perverso
El tango es rito, y es religión
orquestas criollas son sus altares
y el sacerdote su bandoneón
Quiero sentirme aprisionado
como en la cárcel de mi dolor.
Guarda silencio, mitad de mi alma,
que hay un secreto entre los dos...

"Malignant dance"
Dragged are the arrogant beats
of this tango which shrinks and stretches.
It's hurting music makes it seem
like there's an impending threat.
You and I will live the fifteen minutes
of the nostalgic and malignant dance.
Let's listen to the beating of the hearts
under the protection of Venus Aphrodite.

Pleasure of gods, perverse dance,
tango is a ritual, it's religion.
Creole orchestras are its altars,
and the priest its bandoneon.
I want to feel trapped
like in the prison of my pain.
Hold your silence, half of my soul,
for there is a secret between us two.

Some performances to this song:


  1. Thank you for posting this - and for the translation and videos too. There is something particularly powerful about it and it moves me every time I hear it.

  2. Oh I love that, thank you. Those are great words. I don't look them up often enough. (Reminds me of dancing with a particular person who is rather shy, and does sometimes get trapped inside his own head. Sometimes he can't find his way out even by dancing. But mostly it works.)